About Us

Behind Her Fly was created by fashion fanatic @mariahperez as a sister brand to her blog “Being Mariah Nicole: The Butterfly Effect”. She always appreciated the beauty that comes from darkness and the importance of truly learning how to spread your wings and fly. Now while working within the fashion and marketing industry, she has now decided to spread her own wings and fly by starting her own one-stop-shop to not only looking fly, but feeling it, too!

Behind Her Fly was created for the fly gal who not only loves to indulge in the latest fashion trends, but who also knows the importance of loving herself through anything that life throws at her. Dedicated to promoting self love and positivity, Behind Her Fly will spread tips and tricks to feeling your most fly-est self while always working to encourage, motivate, and uplift the fly gals around the world. 

Being apart of the Fly Gal Flutter is not only being the first to know about the fly new deals but also being part of a boss community full of individuals who just want to see you spread your wings and fly! We hope to continue and expand to share all the best tips from fly gals all around the world.

CEO & Founder, Mariah Perez values female empowerment and aims for Behind Her Fly to be an outlet deeper than just getting fly clothes.